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It is estimated that the average business loses at least 6% of its revenue to fraud.  The best way to limit your exposure to fraud is to have proper internal controls in place and to make your employees aware that you are taking measures to prevent and detect fraud. 

Pam McLaughlin is a Certified Fraud Examiner.  This designation is only awarded to select professionals who meet a stringent set of criteria.  See the press release at the bottom of the page for more information on this designation.

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How vulnerable is your company to fraud? Do you have adequate controls in place to prevent it? Find out by using the ACFE's Fraud Prevention Check-Up, a simple yet powerful test of your company's fraud health.

Why you should take the Fraud Prevention Check-Up

  • It is an affordable, easy-to-use method to identify gaps in your company's fraud prevention process. By identifying risks early, you have a chance to fix the problem before becoming a victim of a major fraud.
  • It is a great opportunity to establish a relationship with a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) whom you can call when fraud questions arise. Since the risk of fraud can be reduced but is rarely eliminated, it is likely your company will experience fraud in the future and will need a CFE's assistance.

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AUSTIN, TX – The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, is pleased to announce that Pamela J. McLaughlin, CFE, of Nashville, Arkansas, was awarded the "Certified Fraud Examiner" (CFE) designation on September 6, 2007.  CFEs are knowledgeable in four areas critical to the fight against fraud: Fraudulent Financial Transactions, Criminology & Ethics, Legal Elements of Fraud and Fraud Investigation.

The ACFE's Board of Regents awards this designation only to select professionals who meet a stringent set of criteria, including character, experience, and education, and successfully pass a rigorous exam designed to assess a candidate’s knowledge of the four areas. Ms. McLaughlin has succesfully met these criteria and now joins the ranks of over 16,000 business and government professionals worldwide who have also earned the CFE certification.  Ms. McLaughlin also has the distinction of passing the exam on her first try, an honor held by only approximately one in five applicants that are approved to sit for the examination.  

CFEs have the ability to: Examine data and records to detect and trace fraudulent transactions; interview suspects to obtain information and confessions; write investigation reports, advise clients as to their findings and testify at trial; be well-versed in the law as it relates to fraud and fraud investigations; and understand the underlying factors that motivate individuals to commit fraud. CFEs on six continents have investigated more than 1 million suspected cases of civil and criminal fraud. 

About the ACFE
The ACFE, the world's premier provider of training and education for fraud detection and deterrence, has over 37,000 members, sponsors more than 103 chapters worldwide and provides anti-fraud educational materials to over 100 universities. Identified as "the premier financial sleuthing organization" by The Wall Street Journal, the ACFE has captured national and international media attention. For more information about the ACFE visit