Bookkeeping, Medical Billing, and Fraud Prevention

Medical Billing

"We offer more than services, we offer peace of mind."

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Free Fraud Check-Up with contract for monthly Medical Billing services.
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  • Increase Cash Flow
  • Maximize Insurance Reimbursement
  • Reduce Staff Overhead
  • Reduce Staff Turn-Over
  • Spend More Time on Patient Care
  • Spend Less Time in the Office
  • Spend More Time with Family & Leisure Activities

How Do We Provide These Benefits?

We charge you only for what is collected, so our success depends upon your success.   Optimum reimbursement is our business.

All insurance claims are filed electronically within 24 hours of receiving the information from your office -- getting your money quickly. 

We check coding for accuracy before sending claims.

We dispute all denied claims - increasing revenue and cash flow for you.

We use state of the art software, giving your office LIVE remote 24/7 access to your information.   Our system can also be used by your staff for scheduling appointments, patient registration, and to access  patient co-pays.  This also allows your staff to accurately collect past balances owed when the patient returns for repeat visits to your office.

We eliminate overhead cost that is currently going to billing employee salaries, employee benefits, payroll taxes, training, recruiting, labor cost associated with covering for absentee employees, office space, furniture, and equipment needed for an in-house billing person.  In addition there is no more worry about replacing billing employees who are terminated.  We free up your time from supervising this crucial task. 

Our firm is backed by and supported by 43 years of knowledge and experience in Medical Software Systems Technology  and Medical Billing & Reimbursement.

In addition to medical billing and software knowledge, we have the financial expertise to help you with all of your business decisions.  We will meet with you monthly to review the monthly reports provided and to discuss any concerns.

We ALWAYS go the extra mile for you.  We leave no stone unturned when it comes to collecting your money.

These are a few of the things we can do with you.  Call to schedule an appointment where we can discuss exactly what we can do for you in your unique practice and situation.


We are trained and certified in HIPAA Compliance.  We keep up-to-date on HIPAA and any changes in rules and regulations.  We work with your staff to insure that everyone remains HIPAA Compliant.


  • Claim Filing - electronic and paper
  • Insurance Benefits Verification 
  • Insurance Payment Posting/Accounting 
  • Insurance Claim Follow-Up 
  • Dispute Denied Insurance Claims
  • Patient Statements 
  • Monthly Reports 
  • Follow Up on Aged Receivables


Check the box if you have any of the following problems:
My STAFF keeps changing, it is impossible to get and keep good people!
My ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLES are not being followed up on in a timely manner!
My DENIALS are not being paid at the highest level allowed!
My SECONDARY CLAIMS are not being filed or filed correctly!
My PATIENTS are not receiving statements on a regular or timely basis!
My STAFF costs keep going up but my net income keeps going DOWN!


Financial Watchdog has reviewed the common problems facing providers today and developed solutions that will allow you to take back control.

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